Advanced Security Systems

North Shore Locksmith is one of the best security and locksmith service providers in EVANSTON IL. We provide unique and tailored security solutions to corporate and residential clients. Our professional security staff addresses a wide range of security concerns. We install audio/video intercom systems, access control systems, surveillance cameras and tailored alarm systems based on the needs of our clients.

Here are some of the services that we provide:

Intercom Systems

We install intercom systems in order to establish a reliable communications network in different offices and residential properties. Our intercom systems are robust and offer a wide range of modern features, such as audio/video communication and better connectivity.

Access Control Systems

If you want to restrict access to a particular area or building to authorized personnel only, our access control systems are a great option. We use the latest technological enhancements, controlling access via biometric, face and retinal scanning.

Alarm Systems

Our alarm systems can help prevent robberies and burglaries in EVANSTON IL. Sensors are placed around the building in order to prevent unauthorized access. As soon as the sensor detects unauthorized movement, the alarm rings. We offer a wide range of alarms, ranging from smaller, single-unit alarms to larger, and multi-zoned alarm systems.

CCTV systems

Our closed circuit television systems allow you to monitor your surroundings. We can install a large network of CCTV cameras to provide surveillance all around the building, or individual products that are designed for smaller spaces.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are safer and more robust as compared to ordinary locks. We offer electronic locks from some of the most renowned brands such as Yale, Mul-t-Lock, Medeco and many others.

Integrated Security Systems

These systems are particularly popular for use in office spaces and small businesses. Our integrated security systems are designed to cater to your security needs and provide you with a tailored security solution.

List of our Security Systems Services

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