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Prevent False Alarms
Prevent False Alarms Everybody hates false alarms. And they are not simply annoying. Each day police and fire departments waste countless hours responding to unnecessary alarms gone off at homes and businesses. Estimates range well into the millions of dollars spent responding to the loud but bogus warnings. Read More
Get the Most From Your CCTV System
Get the Most From Your CCTV System The use of recording closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance systems is an established procedure for commercial institutions, like warehouses, banks, retail stores, convenience stores, and many other types of businesses. Read More
Biometric Security
Biometric Security Biometric technology advances have resulted in exceptionally sophisticated security and accuracy at reduced costs. Biometric technologies are fast becoming the lynchpin in many personal verification and high security identification systems. Read More
Levels of Keying
Levels of Keying Lock Industry Standards and Training (LIST) Council describes levels of keying as the divisions of a master key system into hierarchies of access, as shown in the following tables. Read More
History of Locks and Locksmith
History of Locks and Locksmith Locks and keys are known to have existed since the early civilizations. Egyptian civilization, Roman and Greek civilizations are credited for inventing locks independently of each other. Read More
Famous Locksmiths
Famous Locksmiths Robert Barron, Joseph Bramah, Jeremiah Chubb, Abraham O. Stansbury, Blake Brothers, Solomon Andrews, Andrews and Newell, A. C. Hobbs, Linus Yale, Sr., Linus Yale, Jr., Samuel Segal, Frank E. Best, Roy C. Spain Read More
Definition and Types of Locks
Definition and Types of Locks International Association of Home Safety and Security Professionals define locks as: "A device that incorporates a bolt, cam, shackle or switch to secure an object such as a door, drawer or machine to a closed, opened, locked, off or on position, and that provides a restricted means of releasing the... Read More
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