When installing a door closer, there are many factors to consider. First you need to decide which type of closer works best for your property and then the door’s purpose. Will you need to provide an ADA compliant door which gives your disabled patrons comfortable access to your business? Perhaps you need a closer that assists in fire and smoke protection. Also, you can also choose closers that help prevent vandalism and unauthorized access.

Types of Door closers: Manual and Automatic

When choosing a door closer installation Evanston, you will need to choose between manual and automatic operation. Manual door closers rely on a torsion or compression spring to allow opening and closing. Many are adjustable, allowing for fine tuning of the door’s operation. Automatic doors are operated by a push button or even a motion detecting source which activates the door’s mechanism. This motion detection also allows for safe closing by ensuring no one is in the doorway before activating the closing.

Styles of Interior Door Closers

Surface Mounted, Concealed-in-Frame, Concealed-in-Floor, and Concealed-in-Door

Surface mounted closers are typically mounted at the top of the door. Although there are some concealed versions, many are typically visible. The bent spring operation allows the door to open and close. For door closers that are concealed in the frame, floor or the door itself, the installation involves placing the entire mechanism inside the mortises in the door, under the pivot point on the floor or inside the door frame itself. This provides a streamlined look that does not affect the appearance of the door while allowing assisted opening and closing.

Commercial Door Closer Installation and Repair Services

We have the knowledge and experience to install and repair door closers of all leading manufacturers: Dorma, LCN, Norton and more. If you are having any type of malfunction with your commercial door closer, rely on us to provide experienced and quality repairs.

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