Commercial & Management FAQs

Fast Facts: The vast majority of business losses happen because the thief had a key.

Q: Why should I use a professional locksmith company?

A: Skilled professional locksmiths bring experience and fund of knowledge in lock, safe & security problems and are better prepared to solve security issues to your unique situation. Professional locksmith can prescribe state-of-the-art products that work, and more effective solutions in an efficient manner.

Q: Why North Shore locksmith?

A: North Shore Locksmith has been solving security problems for our customers for over 20 years with many satisfied customers (referrals upon request / 8474405088 ).

Our client profile includes:
  • Retail businesses
  • Franchises
  • Factory outlet chain stores
  • Commercial and industrial businesses
  • Government agencies  Federal, State, and Local
  • Hospitals, health care services, and medical office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Day care centers
  • Property management
  • Realtors
  • General contractors and builders
  • Convenience stores
  • Grocery stores
We take security matters seriously. That is why all of our expert technicians are carefully screened to ensure complete customer satisfaction. All our technicians are licensed, bonded and fully insured. We pride ourselves on a highly trained staff. We are continuously sending our technicians for technical training to better prescribe security solutions for our valued customers.

When you go to a large company like North Shore Locksmith you get the
following benefits.
  • A professional quote with no hidden charges
  • Professional security advice from security technicians that average over ten years of experience, teach in their areas of specialization and are nationally recognized for their expertise.
  • At North Shore, we stand by our work and all parts and labor are backed with a full warranty for 90 days.
Q: Does North Shore Locksmith sell product online?

A: No, the only product for sale online is safes.

Q: What area do we cover?

A: We cover the greater EVANSTON area and North Shore.

Q: Is North Shore Locksmith members of the Better Business Bureau?

A: Yes. Call and check us out! Our member number is&...

Q: Will North Shore Locksmith provide commercial customers with proof of insurance?

A: Yes. If you require a certificate of insurance, we'll get it to you immediately so that the job can proceed without delay.

Q: Will North Shore Locksmith give a specific appointment time?

A: We value our customers time. That's why we strive to not only give you a specific appointment time, but to keep it. If we do run late, we will always call and give you the option to wait for us or re-schedule - whatever is convenient for you.

Q: I can install the hardware, why not just buy it at the home center and do it myself?

A: Products typically sold in home stores are residential quality at best, at worst the shelves are stacked with low end products meant to increase profits for the manufacturer and the retailer. High quality goods offer characteristics such as, pick and drill resistance, access control options, protection against the unauthorized duplication of keys. The question you have to ask is what is your time really worth?

Q: I have facilities management companies that take care of my locks, why isn't that sufficient?

A: Facility management companies are perfect for general maintenance items but when it comes to your security you don't want the la carte service of a locksmith whose only qualification is that they gave the lowest bid. A simple master key system is a comprehensive solution to key control. When changes are needed because of a management change at the store or a lost key. The only way to make those changes correctly is to have the original master key chart available to you. Since the facility management company has several locksmiths on contract you may never see the same company twice. A broken safe or a compromised key will destroy your profits much faster than a broken light switch.

Q: I lost the keys for my padlock. Is it possible to obtain new keys for my lock?

A: It is possible to obtain replacement keys for your padlock ONLY if you know the key number. The key number is stamped on the original keys provided with your lock. If you do not know the key number, it is possible to obtain additional keys from a locksmith who can impression your lock. If you do know the key number, go to a locksmith or local hardware store to order keys. Please note that the locksmith will charge you a fee for this service. Not all Locksmiths/Hardware Stores offer this service; please phone ahead.

Q: What kind of guarantee does North Shore Locksmith offer on parts and labor?

A: At North Shore, we stand by our work and all parts and labor are backed with a full warranty for 90 days. Our guarantee is written at the bottom of every receipt. You never have to wonder about our commitment to the quality of our service.

Q: My landlord gave me the keys why should I get new ones?

A: Its your stuff! When was the last time the locks were changed? If you don't know the answer then you and your company are potentially at risk. Some property management companies in an effort to save money simply swap the locks from one unit to another and have a brand new set of keys made. A previous tenant with some time to kill could simply try his key in each door in the complex until he finds one that works.

Q: Why do I have to wiggle my keys in the lock to make it work?

A: As locks age over time, the pins in a lock cylinder tend to "wear" down causing your keys to stick and forcing you to "jiggle or wiggle" the key in the lock to make it work. Most likely the keys you were given have probably been "copied" several times and this, plus pin wear, can cause your lock to act like it is breaking.

Q: Why do you recommend locks that seem so expensive?

A: We have found through experience that you get what you pay for; nothing hurts more than having to replace a cheap lockset that has worn out prematurely. We here at North Shore Locksmith believe that you should only have to pay once for your security needs. Purchasing the very best hardware you can afford, will keep your security needs cost effective.

Q: Should I change locks after an employees leaves?

A: Yes, Yes, Yes, not only are you protecting your assets, but you are also protecting the ex-employee. If you have a problem and you did not change the locks, who do you look at? You cannot narrow down the list of suspects to only those in your employ. If you change the locks then you can eliminate the ex-employees as suspects, and concentrate on current key holders.

Q: Why would I want to install cameras in my workplace?

A: Not only will cameras help protect your property, but they could head off potential lawsuits (you could catch someone faking a "fall"). Theft and vandalism problems tend to decrease after cameras are installed. Your employees will begin to feel more secure in their environment after they realize that trouble makers will have a harder time sneaking in.

Q: Why not just call someone out of the phone book?

A: There are many reasons but the most important is consistency. No one wants to carry around four or five keys for the same job. With a random pick from the phone book you get an � la carte locksmith. With just a little bit of effort and planning you can have a master key system in your office that will be consistent and thoughtful. The requirement is a security partner that designs and maintains the system. Additionally everyone you have work on your locks has information about your locks, including the codes to cut your keys. The fewer number of people that have access to your system the better.

Q: What is the benefit of creating an account with North Shore Locksmith?

A: We offer attractive rates and benefits to our corporate / commercial / management companies clients. Please contact us to find out what more we offer to our corporate / commercial / management companies clients.

If you have any questions not covered here, just fill out our form on the contact page, we will be happy to respond, and if it is a really good question we might post it on out FAQ page.
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